About US – TestIQScore.com

IQ/Intelligence Quotient level is something that describes your problem-solving and reasoning abilities. At some point or another, you’ve always wanted to know and brag about your IQ Level. The problem is that it difficult to find an accessible yet authentic platform to determine your IQ test score. Test IQ Score distinguishes from the competition in presenting you with a fast, accurate and easy to use test in the minimum possible timeframe.

The questions in our test have been carefully crafted and standardised to be based on the Mensa admissions test, which is underpinned by a sophisticated AI algorithm built into the backend script that runs the test and presents you with fast and and accurate results.

The process is completely simple as we want you to be as convenient and relaxed as possible when taking our IQ test. You do not have to fill in many forms and payment details before you can even begin with the test. We don’t do this here; simply go to our IQ test, and you can instantly start.

There is a total of 30 questions that you need to complete within a 30 minute time frame. All the answers will be checked in real-time; once you have started the test, you can’t pause it at all or jump out of it as it will terminate the session at once, and you will have to start again. This is done to ensure that no false readings or impressions that are not the user’s get recorded or assessed.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your test now and find out your accurate IQ score!