If you have an IQ of at least 115, you can do any job…

…So…Are you being paid enough?

If there was an opportunity today to get a quick and accurate score to see where your IQ sits alongside recognised jobs, would you take it?

IQ tests have been a long-established and recognised way to measure a person’s reasoning ability. They can reveal a range of skills, many of which are often overlooked; creativity and problem solving, for example.

Why does IQ matter on the job market?

Employers now want employees who can think ‘outside the box. They want people who can strategise and develop new methods of completing their work, not just a set of qualifications on a sheet of paper. Are you good at solving problems and thinking ‘on your feet’ as the phrase goes? Do you have an eye for pattern and details other might miss? Do you perhaps have a fantastic memory, or are you great at making things such as putting flat-packed furniture together? We call all do with somebody with those skills from time to time.

Occupations such as accountants, engineers, teachers and dentists are considered only accessible to those with a ‘high IQ’. In fact, the majority of people entering those fields have an IQ of around 120.

What job could be best for you?

To get an idea of some professions associated with various IQ levels, have a look at this,

140: Scientists and Professors
130: Surgeons and Lawyers
120: Pharmacists and Accountants
110: Electricians and Salespeople
100: Carpenters and Plumbers
90: Factory workers and Labourers

Where do you sit on the chart? If you decide to have your IQ measured, you could find yourself on a whole different road. A road you are easily capable of taking. As you already know, the jobs at the top of that list are hugely better paid than those towards the bottom.

A test score of 130 or above can give you the confidence and empowerment to work smarter rather than harder. Many studies have found that IQ is the single best predictor of career-related success, and we all want that, right?

Get your paid IQ test today

IQ tests help to target the ideal career for you. They examine a variety of factors, including a multitude of untapped skills. They can also highlight a specific area of intelligence that is lacking and may be holding you back. This is useful to know so you can seek training or mentoring in this particular area.

Alongside this, you can find what motivates you, your unique mission or purpose, and carve yourself a new life. It’s that simple.

So how high is your IQ? And which areas could be easily improved to help overcome that barrier in your life, career-wise or other?

Knowledge is power, so they say, so let’s get started today. However, a word of caution: high or low intelligence doesn’t spell success or failure, respectively. We are the masters of our own destiny, so hard work, resilience, and perseverance are vital.

In short, you need a quick, easy and accurate Paid IQ Test. (The free ones are free for a reason) and a bit of oomph.

Let’s begin…