IQ or intelligent quotient measures human intelligence and intellectual capabilities using standardised tests. In practice, IQ can be used to assess a person’s intelligence concerning others, evaluate their suitability for a job or join societies like Mensa. It is possible to find out your IQ through a paid IQ test. So, what do the different IQ bands actually mean in practice?

A breakdown of different IQ test result bands and what they mean

IQ test results start at 69. If someone scores 69 on an IQ test, this is indicative of extremely low intelligence. Achieving between 70 and 79 is borderline range while 80-89 is low average. In general, most people score between 90-109, which is the average. A score of 110-119 is a high average. Anyone whose IQ test results are 120-129 is showing superior intelligence. A test score of 130 and above is very excellent.

High scores

Any IQ score of 120 or more is considered to be a high score. If you score 130+ on an IQ test, this is considered extremely high. People with this kind of high score may be classified as geniuses. To put this band of IQ scores into context, Albert Einstein was reported to have an IQ of around 160, while the French scientist Blaise Pascal has an IQ of 195! Both Mozart and Charlotte Bronte had an IQ of 165.

More intellectual and complex professions such as the medical and legal fields require a higher IQ range. If you score highly on an IQ test, this may signify that you have substantial intellectual capabilities and possess exceptional problem-solving and logical reasoning skills.

Average scores

An average IQ score is generally between 90 and 109. This band represents the level of results that the majority of people achieve on an IQ test. It demonstrates that your intelligence is within the average of the general population and is a respectable score. For anyone scoring between 110 and 119, this is on the higher level of average scores. Your intelligence may be marginally above the average but not quite within the superior or genius category. However, it still demonstrates that you did well on the test and solved many of the different problems.

Low scores

Any score below 90 is considered to be a low score. This can indicate that you may possess limited intellectual functioning and cognitive impairment or suffer from some problems with your reasoning and problem-solving skills.

How are test scores calculated?

IQ tests use a mathematical equation to calculate your scores based on how well you have done on the questions on your IQ test. The normal distribution of IQ test scores is in the shape of a bell curve. The majority of people score around the average level, with fewer people scoring very low or very high.

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