Intelligence quotient helps measure your cognitive ability and intellectual capacity. Getting an IQ test is a good idea if you want to see where you stand intellectually or what your abilities might be. Some people take an IQ test to see if they have above-average intelligence, although most people are in the average range. An IQ score can fall a bit below or above 100 and still be considered in the normal range.

In the past, most people would have to go to an IQ examiner to get their testing done in person. Now, you can take an IQ test online in the privacy of your own home. But with the growing popularity of IQ tests, you may wonder how to know if the test is accurate. If you’re going to take one, it’s critical to find an IQ test that will provide accurate results. Here are some determining factors in assessing whether the test is the best one to take.

Is there a fee to take the online IQ test?

Many things you find on the internet today are “free.” However, free does not mean that it is better. In fact, in the case of an IQ test, if the testing company charges money to complete the test, it could be more reliable. Generally speaking, websites providing free tests tend to make money from providing adverts to customers, which impacts the test experience, the functionality of the test itself, and can be indicator of the fact that a smaller level of investment has gone into developing an accurate test.

Is it a timed test?

If you are taking an online IQ test, it should be timed to ensure accuracy. A test that isn’t timed is not going to be an honest assessment of your abilities because it allows you to take as long as you want. That means you would have additional time to work through the problems and questions.

Does the test ask questions that cannot be looked up?

The other thing that is crucial for accuracy is that the site doesn’t allow you to exit the screen or open another tab, or asks questions that are impossible to check the answers to. Most likely, with a timed test, you wouldn’t have time to do that, but even so, it would not be fair. People could attempt to look up the answers by doing this.

Does the test use a variety of questions?

You should see a wide range of different types of questions, such as puzzles, logical reasoning, definitions, and so on. This ensures the test is well-rounded and thorough.

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