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What is an IQ Test?

An IQ test is a form of psychometric assessment that measures a range of cognitive abilities, providing a score that is intended to serve as an indication of an individual’s intellectual capability.

An IQ test typically consists of a variety of problem solving and logical reasoning questions to be solved within strict time constraints, the outputs of which are rendered as an age-based average intelligence score. IQ tests typically involve brain test puzzles, pattern recognition questions and non-verbal reasoning tests.

The IQ test is an accurate predictor of your natural level of intelligence. However, IQ tests are focussed on one form of intelligence – your intellectual potential – and do not measure other forms of intelligence, such as emotional or artistic intelligence.

IQ Test
Alfred Binet
Credit: Alfred Binet. Photogravure by Synnberg Photo-gravure Co., 1898. Credit: Wellcome Collection.

History of IQ test

IQ tests came into being in the early 1900s when the French government asked French psychologist Alfred Binet to build a scale or procedure to determine which students would face the most difficulty in school, so that an elaborate plan could be developed to support their studies. He invented the Binet-Simon scale with the help of his colleague Theodore Simon using a framework that provided the basis for modern-day IQ testing. What started out as a practice to determine which students would require special assistance in school became the basis for inferring human intelligence, a practice which continues to be used around the world today.

What did it cover?

Questions that focused on attention, memory, and problem solving were included within the first iteration of the test. One of Binet’s initial conclusions was that some students were capable of answering more questions in a rapid timeframe ,while others struggled with this approach. Using this concept, he developed the idea of mental age to determine which students were more likely to excel in their school life.

How did this evolve into the IQ test of today?

Following the growing popularity of the Binet-Simon scale, Standford University psychologist Lewis Terman, took the Binet-Simon Scale and standardized it using a sample of American participants. The next iteration of the test, known as The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, became the standard intelligence test used in the US in 1916.

The Stanford-Binet test led to the formulation of the term Intelligence Quotient which consisted of a single number, known as IQ. This number  represented an individual’s performance across a spectrum of possibilities in the Stanford-Binet test. The score was generated by dividing the test maker’s mental age by their physical age and the multiplying the result by 100. To illustrate, if a child exhibited a mental age of 14 from the test and they were 10 years old, their final IQ score would be 140.

 The Stanford-Binet remains a popular method of intelligence assessment today and has gone through a number of iterations over the years since its inception.

IQ range and classification

Like many tests involving percentages and numbers, the IQ test output is based on a series of numbers and percentages to determine in which range someone’s intelligence falls. IQ test results start from 69, which is an indicator of extremely low or below average intelligence. The 70-79 range is borderline, while 80-89 is low average, 90-109 is average, 110-119 is high average, and 120-129 is superior, while above 130 is very superior or, in other terms, getting close to genius territory. Albert Einstein had an IQ score of about 160; no wonder he was able to unravel the mysteries of space and time in his theory of relativity.   

Albert Einstein

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